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ASECUK is an Exclusive Group in the UK for CCTV/Security Installers

Membership Website, Newsletter, ASECUK Events - Latest 'hot' info from 40 plus top UK distributors sent directly to your membership website

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Members of this 'elite' group will have .....

FREE Newsletter - Information of all major UK distributors/manufacturers ( over 40 Key names ).... with latest tech/products and 'must have' information

FREE Invite to ASECUK Events - Network with members at the events and talk to the major distributors/manufacturers who will have display stands at the events

FREE ASECUK Member Website (Password Protected) - Latest products sent directly to the website by major manufacturers/distributors
- Discussion groups - Share best practices and feedback with members of the group

Quality information - ensuring you win quotes

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The CCTV / Security Industry is highly competitive and it is paramount that every cctv installer in the UK needs to take advantage of every means available to stay ahead of the competition.

ASECUK is a group in the UK which will specifically help any cctv installer within the group to stay miles ahead of the competition, winning quotes on price, quality and delivering the latest in technology, each member will have a free invite to the ASECUK Events

Members will have key information from the major distributors in the UK and together with a regular newsletter and access to a password protected membership website , they will share information with other members and see latest updates and new products developed by the leading distributors

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There are well over 40 major cctv manufacturers/distributors in the UK , each developing new products , changes in design, fastly moving from analogue into hd. You cannot afford to stay loyal to one company and you must have knowledge of the latest technology and most competitive prices within the industry

ASECUK will bring you this knowledge through a regular newsletter, informing you of every key manufacturer/distributor in the UK , with latest information from each company It will highlight full contact details of the company, carriage charges, delivery/ order cut off times, warranties and show the full range of equipment and brands, It is must have information for every cctv installer in the UK - It is exclusive!

In addition to a regular newsletter we will be including a membership website which will be password protected - as time goes by this build into a wealth of information and installers can leave feedback of comments about what is and isn't working , also interact with fellow members .

The major distributors will be able to send a live feed to the membership site showing up to date information and their newly developed products - analogue, IP, HD , whatever products they have developed and want you to know about can be delivered by a live stream which will then be put straight onto the website

CCTV Camera The most exciting benefit of membership is that you will receive a free pass/invitation to attend the 'ASECUK Events' where the leading manufacturers/distributors will have displays of equipment and you can network freely with other members , plus you will receive special discounts at the event and free incentives, simply for being a member

The benefits to you as a member of ASECUK , if you are lucky enough to be accepted are limitless - You will be part of an elite group that will have 'cutting edge' information,

To join ASECUK is only £97 quarterly and this covers you for 3 months membership.

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ASECUK have teamed up with a leading business sales coaching/consultation company and they will give £100 discount off any training/coaching where they visit you at your workplace anywhere in the UK to any member of ASECUK so this is a great opportunity to learn from the best coaches/business experts in ways to promote your business.
They will also allow the discount off any websites that you would like built by their design team....

These benefits are a bonus to all ASECUK members and you will have the edge on all UK installers who have not been privy to be invited to this elite membership.

Membership will be closed when the limit for attendees at the events is reached so you need to act quickly to ensure your place! ACT NOW! -

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You can look forward to your first newsletter and an invite to the ASECUK events, where you will network with other installers and meet with the main distributors/manufacturers in the UK

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